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A B Family Update

It’s, obviously, been a while since I’ve updated.  Mr. B and I are doing well. While we miss Penelope Joy every second of every day, every day is better than the last. We are pleased to announce that we’re expecting our second child — due in early 2015. You can read more about our announcement … Continue reading

Grief is Love

The grief came out of nowhere and hit like a wave. Mr. B and I were at church, sitting in the same pew we sat in when I went into labor with Penelope. We were chatting and looking through the bulletin, when I noticed a woman sit down across the aisle from us. Her baby … Continue reading


I have a lot of words in my head right now. A lot of things that I want to say — that I need to say. Because I have a story to tell — the story of a little girl who was loved more than any other girl. You see, her story did not die with … Continue reading